Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Beauty of Saving a Buck #1

I have used coupons on and off for a long time now until recently. I thought I was doing something before with doubling coupons at my grocery store to getting a few Extra Bucks back at CVS. Oh boy was I wrong! I came across a Youtuber who shares her coupon experiences, tips and hauls. I could not believe how much stuff she was getting for little or nothing. I know some would say where you been, haven't you seen Extreme Couponing on TLC. No, I haven't so this is just that new to me. Her tips as well a few others who I am now subscribed to enabled me to get all of these goodies for little!!!!

For those of you who coupon, you would believe how much I go all of this for and for those who don't you might be quite surprised. I went to just two stores this trip, Giant Eagle and Walgreens.

Giant Eagle

Suave deodorant - (2) on sale 2/$3.00 - GE doubles coupons up to $0.99. I used a $0.50 manufacturer coupon and a $1.00 Giant Eagle coupon making the deodorant $0.50 each.
Colgate toothbrush - (1) on sale 2/$3.00 - $0.75 manufacturer coupon making it free


Brainstrong - $12.99 Buy one get one free - $5.00 Walgreen coupons x 2 and $3.00 manufacturer coupons x 2 making it free with some overage ( did this 3 times)
Lichi probiotic - purchase for $9.99 and receive $10.00 register reward for use on next purchase at walgreens (I did this 2 times rolling between this and the SAMe because you cannot receive another register reward if you use it for the same product)
SAMe Mood Joint Liver - purchase for $9.99 and receive $10.00 register rewards for use on next purchase at Walgreens (same as Lichi)
EOS lip balm - purchase for $2.99 and get $2.00  register reward for use on next purchase at Walgreens 
Snickers - $0.69 used as a filler so that I can use register rewards (number of register rewards used cannot exceed number of products purchased)
Burt's Bees Lip balm and cuticle cream - $2.49 (was 50% off and I love Burts Bees lip balm so I purchased)
Studio 35 Nail Polish Remover - 2/$3.00 - $1.00 off each bottle coupon in Walgreens January savings book making them $0.50 cents each.
Triamenic Fever reducer - 2/$10 - $2.00 manufacturer coupons x 2. paid $6.00 received $5.00 register reward making them $0.50 each.

This is LITTLE compared to the totals that I have seen some more experienced couponers pay out of pocket but its okay because I'm learning, but I paid $15.37 plus $7.21 in taxes for a total of $22.58. Also walked away with an additional $10.00 register reward. This is great considering how much all of it would have cost had it been regular price. 

Couponing can be exciting, you just have to learn the ins and outs. All stores have different coupon policies that you can find on their websites. 

If you don't use coupons, now is a great time to start!!

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Until next time